As comfortable as your own home - ARK HILLS CLUB enables you to savor club life to the full.

Warm welcome to an exquisite experience

Alighting from the elevator on the 37th floor of the East Wing, you will be warmly greeted by the Club's highly trained staff. Inside you will find a Study Room, a well-appointed library available for the use of members, and also quiet, comfortable corners for simply relaxing or enjoying yourself with friends.

Glide through the Art Gallery while viewing the works of Le Corbusier

The key design concept for the ARK HILLS CLUB was the fusion of East and West. Running from the reception area to the Club rooms is the Art Gallery, a space that could be described as sort of "Le Corbusier Art Museum". Many works by the famous twentieth-century architect, artist and sculptor can be seen here. The display blends with the contemporary interior d├ęcor throughout the Club that helps to create an intellectual atmosphere. It's an urban environment of discerning taste that clearly identifies this as an international private club worthy of the name.



Dress Code & Age Rules

Due to the fact that many Members use the Club for entertaining their clients and for business meetings during the week, the Standard Dress Code as well as age rules for children apply.
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Parking privilege

Our Members and their guests always park for free.
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